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Situations with my Speech Impaired daughter and People..

My 3 year old Daughter is speech and language impaired. She just started in a special needs pre-school for Speech Language and Articualtion disorders. She is such a bright and friendly and intelligent little girl, it is just her speech that is impaired. When she talks, she is very hard to understand (about 30%-50% understandible depending if she is speaking in-context or out of context) Right now she is working on articulation of single words and sounds.

When we are often in public or out places and conversation comes up, people will often say hello, make normal toddler conversation. this is all Perfectly normal light conversations. simple aswers like, yes, thankyou, im having fun saying her name, ect. But she cant. I believe that she has come to know that People dont understand her. which makes it always an uncomfortable situation for me because Im not sure what to do. When she was younger it didnt matter but now thats shes older, people expect her to talk like most 3 year olds.

I Just dont know how to handle it? Im not sure if I should give her a second, like a choice to talk and then talk for her. Or if I should just talk for her, But when I do either of those people always look at me like they dont understand why she isnt talking herself. Its not usually a mean look; just confused and, kind of uncomfortable... curious maybe? Soemtimes I feel like if I talk for her, then Im just talking over her, and not giving her a voice. But then if i sit there a mouth the sylables to her so she can repeat, then I feel like I have to explain. I dont feel like I have to explain but just to just like as a politness, to clear up confusion. But then, I also dont want to go arround telling everybody about my daughters imparment, like exuses as if theres something Wrong with her. I obviously have some mixed feelings about this, I have a 4 year old duaghter and a 1 1/2 year old son; but she is My only child with any type of disabilitly or impairment. Shes so precious and I just dont want to make things harder or frustrating for her.

Does anyone have any related experience with this? I would Appreciate it So Much! Thanks!
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Hi,  I think what I'd do in your case is encourage her to answer and then you can do an interpretation for her.  You are sure that she understands, right?  Is it just articulation that is delayed?  No issues with expressive or receptive speech?  Sometimes, especially in unfamiliar situations with unfamiliar people, when someone asks a child a question---------- one must process what was said to them and then organize a reply.  So, I'd talk to her speech pathologist about this aspect to speech to make sure that isn't going on.  If she tests fine in that area and it is just articulation--------  then she may be shy to talk.  I'd encourage her to do it and then do the interpret.  I used to do that and then say "I speak 3 year old".  

Try not to be sensitive to it as she might pick up on it.  And do ask the speech therapist you work with about it as well.  good luck
Oh, and early intervention does wonders.  How is her fine motor development by the way?
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I am sorry you have had no response to your query I suggest you go to the speech and language forum for help or look at the expert/Doctor forums .
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thanks for your comments!
To specailmom; Yes, she does have a delay with expressive speech. But no delay with her receptive speech, they believe. We are pretty sure that she her receptive speech is ok, so she is taking in and understanding what is said to her, it is when she must talk back and express herself that she has a hard time with and is slower in.
Thankyou, the "3 year old talk" is cute, and a light way to help everyone understand each other!
Yes, i wouldnt want her to pick up on any sensitivity. and I will ask her speech therapist about it too, she should have some ideas, or maybe even to bring something to her attention.
Her Fine moter development is going fine. On the Developmental Assesment test, scores of 90-110 are considered average. Scores of 80-89 are considered below average. My daughters Physical (motor development) score was 90, so just avarage. Her Communication score was 67, with a "severe articulation delay" and "severely delayed speech intelligibility" and of her speech about 30% is understandible.
But so far I know Her Fine Motor skills are developing ok, Although I did not know that her score was so close to the "below average" score.
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Hi.  I think one thing to keep your eye on is motor planning.  This can greatly attribute to articulation problems.  It involves processing and how the nervous system organizes and gets the message to our muscle groups.  It is part of the sensory system.  What to look for is that fine motor piece.  I'd offer her some fine motor activities that are new and see if she goes right to them or avoids them or if she has any difficulty.  Using scissors comes to mind or getting out kid size tongs and having her sort pom poms by color (can get at any craft store).  Stringing beads and lacing are other activities.  Also, how does she throw a ball.  I only mention this because occupational therapy can really help with these things and the way they play out when a child is older can cause problems.  A child with motor planning issues will have trouble organizing class work for example.  

We've had a lot of luck with occupational therapy and as she develops, just keep your eye on these types of things.  

Sounds like you are doing a terrific job with her!  Good luck and stay in touch.
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Have you had her hearing tested?  

Have you tried lip sinking to see if she really hears you or is just reading lips and fooling everybody?  Some kids can have just enough hearing to fool you.   They can hear certain frequencies but not others, and sometimes have a hearing loss at the normal  level of speech.

I do not think she is so "delayed".  She sounds fairly "typical" to me.

Take it from me, I have child who is not.  I have been there done that.  She sounds just fine.  If she gets to be 4 or 5, that is a better time to start worrying.  You have her in a program. Relax.

You said her receptive language is good and that comes first.  Expressive language is later.

Enjoy her threes with her--they will be gone soon, before you know it, and she will be grown.

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