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Tethered spinal cord = reason for global developmental delays and hypotonia

My (almost) 2 yo is having surgery on his spinal cord next week and I wanted to hear from parents of children who have undergone this procedure about how effective it has been afterwards. I am scared to death but his neurosurgeon believes it is the cause of his motor, speech delays as well as slowed cognitive delays, not to mention his bladder/bowel control. I am optimistic about the prognosis -- that things won't get worse for him because he wont have that pressure, but I am concerned and want to know if there are other families who have had this experience.
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Hi , My son is is scheduled to have surgery next month for his spinal tethering and has the global delay. I was curious to know too if the un-tehtering will help improve his condition.
Some doctors who weve spoken to say they both are unrelated ie_ tethering is nothing to do with the delay but i find that hard to believe.
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