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Where do I go to help my daughter

My daughter is 26 and still lives with me.  She has ADHD and is bipolar.  She can't keep a job and hasn't worked in over 8 months.  I am stressed out because I come home after a 10 - 14 hour work day and she is still in bed.
She is very overweight and has no self esteem.  She blames me that she can't cook or clean up after herself, even though I worked with her to show her how to cook and how to clean.    She will go almost a week without taking a shower and doesn't care that she smells or looks bad. I can't bring anyone to my home because I am embarrassed.  Where do we go or what is the first thing to do to get her help.  She told me the other day that she needs a life coach.  Someone that can tell her how to act and behave. Help.
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She needs to see her treating doctor about a medicine adjustment and a referral to a counselor to help her set up some boundaries and goals.  I also think you should be included in her treatment plan.  You are providing a home for her and it is within reason that she should be willing to live more cooperatively.  It is absolutely within reason to expect her to maintain hygiene and maintain her personal space. I would encourage you to also find a peer group support system for your daughter.  Connecting with others who have similar issues may be very helpful for her.  Finally, I'd encourage you to find a support group for yourself and learn strategies to maintain your own health/mental health while caring for your daughter.  
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