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can anyone help

My daughter is 10 she had alot of problems and still is experincing some this being from a baby. She could not walk till she was 2 she was 18 month till she crawled and she was 1 before she sat up She was referred to a specialist and hah an mri scan on her brain and her head she had poor coordernation and low muscle tone. also gross motor skill and fine motor skill problem. she has inproved a lot but still is very clumsy and still has fine motor skill problems. My question is why do they not diagnose what is wrong ? i went to the doctor last wk and asked what the diagnosis was and he said there is all different symptoms for all different syndromes they have done all the tests they can and nothink is showing up ! my nana had an uncle who had a problem and my aunty has learning and pysical problems  so does her daughter and also has down syndrome is it a gene thing ?
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Your daughter has had obvious developmental delays. Her motor and ( ?) speech milestones were delayed.

I would like to ask if she had any problems during or immediately after birth ?

All the problems that she has may not fit into a single syndrome, but she should have a detailed assessment for her neurological system.

She runs a risk of developing non-verbal learning disabilities and / or developmental coordination disorder. But if she has weakness in her limbs, you can't judge the incoordination.

Have you enrolled her for learning disabilities assessment ? How is she doing in school now ?

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