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non verbal learning disorder

My 12 yrs old has a variety of problems that frustrate me on a daily basis.
1. He is clueless about important things: homework (what is due and when it's due).
2. How long it takes to get ready for school.
3. A sense of timing.
He also takes very long to get things done and has a hard time transitioning from one activity to another. He is disorganized and always loses things because he has to change from classroom to classroom in middle school. He forgets math facts that are taught to him the day before. Once he is reminded of the math rules, then he can solve the problems. He is in advanced class (because he is very smart) and makes As and Bs in those classes (but he is struggling).

I am not sure if this is NVLD or ADD. I am lost as to how to help him. Should I have him diagnosed by a neurologist for ADD or a psychologist for non verbal disorder? I have had him tested for speech delay/disorder and he does not have any. Please help. Thank you.
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From your description, it appears that son has NVLD. But, as a protocol, you will have to get ADD ruled out by a Neuropsychiatrist. Most Psychologist require ADD to be ruled out by a Psychiatrist before they can assess the child for NVLD.

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   My son is like yours, and very smart.  He has adhd and is on ridilin and it makes the world of difference in school.  It's hard I know but the meds make it easier for you too.  Otherwise if it's not treated the children get low self esteem because they can't help their behaviors then they are doomed.  Try the med if in fact a doctor diagnosis him, then you would  not be fustrated with him  His selfesteem is a stake here, he can't help it he doesn't do it to make people mad but they do , life is so much
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Is there a special ed teacher in your school? Has she or he seen your child? I am a special ed teacher and it is our job to help kids like your son. If he hasn't seen the special ed teacher he should. Does he use an agenda to help remind him of his daily activities? He could also use a a picture schedule if that works better!! The special ed teacher should be able to help you out more!
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