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who tests for autism?

If you have concerns who tests and can diagnose? my son does have a appointment to see neurologist but should he see psych MD too? Would think neuro MD does a lot of medical aspect.
can't get into neuro till Jan. but wonder if need other consults while waiting.

Also,live in South Eastern Massachusetts..anyone know of good MD in area (Boston)
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A developmental pediatrician is usually the ideal person to see.  They are a rare breed though.  We had our eval done at Children's in Boston.  The wait was over 9 months.  
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Development Specialist
Development Psychologist
Developmental Pediatrician
University in your area-those can be excellent
DAN (Destroy Autism Now) Doctor in you area there are about 600 in the country
although long waiting list and very expensive-not positive they can evaluate and diagnosis...but they are about fixing and reversing autism..if you do get a diagnosis might want to consider contacting one
Good luck
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Im sorry and also the state....Department of Developmental Disabilities..there are birth to 3 programs in most states
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