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Anyone familiar with eye swelling in toddler??

Hello! Has anyone ever dealt with eye swelling in their child(ren?) My 23 month old has had a swollen right eye now for a few days. She had this same symptom on the right side last August. Just a pink, puffy eyelid. No drainage, no fever, not painful. But she does rub it occasionally. The sclera of her eye is still white and she is able to move her eye normally. She has not had any new foods, no new detergents/soaps. I just cannot pinpoint why this happened again to her?!? I have considered seasonal allergies as my middle son also struggles with seasonal allergies as does my husband. Her ped does not seem too concerned as she is otherwise playful, eating, drinking, peeing, etc. Thanks for any input!
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If her Dr doesn't seem too concerned my first thought would also be seasonal allergies? Have you tried any basic essential oils to help with allergies?
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No need to suffer with allergies.  Try non invasive alternative medicine NAET and/or BRT. Body restoration technique  with a chiropractor that does applied kenisology. AK.

There is a DETOX protocol.  Once the DETOX protocol is completed the chiropractor will be able to help you with specific issues.  

Both NAET AND/OR BRT can be used for issues such as rashes,  viruses. Bacteria. Lung and cough, blood sugar, inflammation,  arthritis,  metals,  thyroid,  CELIAC disease. Exposure to pesticides. The list goes on.  

There are NO NEEDLES   with these techniques.  
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