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HELP! CLOTH DIAPER DESASTER! (new strand of growth?)

I am at a loss and figured it is time to ask for opinions on what the heck is growing all over my daughters Diapers dispite being very clean and trying EVERYTHING.
Over the last month I have not cloth Diapered her because i noticed she gets a HORRIBLE YEAST rash all over her if some diapers touch her... (we know its yeast because in a period of 2 weeks we had to use 2 tubes of nistatin ointment from the doc to rid her poor butt of it.) I noticed a LOT of her diapers dispite soaking in vinegar between washes and being washed every other day were growing some sort of stain... a yellowish looking stain that almost seemed burned into the fabric. I stopped using vinegar and switched to grapefruit seed extract in the hot water then to Scalding water and bleach... The diapers smell like fish oil, very potent... I then noticed it growing on my panties after the first bleach treatment of her diapers. (I never ever use bleach so that says a lot for how bad it was and my panties are NEVER WASHED WITH HER DIAPERS and dont come off me like that or id be seeing a doctor)
Here are a list of all the things i have tried.

I have treated ALL her diapers and my undies in
Bleach overnight soaks (multiple soaks some non-chlorine others chlorine soaks)
scalding hot water of over 130*
large doses of coloidal silver
Grapefruit seed extract
Baking soda washes
baking soda and peroxide soaks
Rubbing Alcholol
and I have stripped the diapers with RLR TWICE
The growth or stain is still there.
Cloth diapers are NOT cheap and i am trying to figure out a way to save them but I feel like i have tried EVERYTHING! i wonder if there is a way to test the growth medically to see what it is and then treat whatever it is with some sort of medical treatment... I have done hours upon hours of research to try and figure out what this is and so far have only found Yeast and Detergent build up as possible causes... But NOTHING sounds like what is on her diapers... what ever it is causes red burns and welts all over your skin when you touch it... (I have held it on my skin and got a rash too, probably a dumb thing to do but as i originally thought it was a "STAIN" causing her rash i was trying to oust that idea) I do not want to toss the diapers before finding out what it is because I am a firm believer in cloth diapers rarther than putting 30+ chemials on my daughters bum multiple times a day and it seems to be spreading through our washer dispite my multiple bleachings and treatments of the machine... I feel like i possibly might have a new strand of gunk honestly growing from my daughters diapers... resistant to EVERYTHING!...

I have pictures that  dont do it justice but PLEASE tell me if you or ANYONE has ever experienced this!... I cant seem to post the pictures up on this site...

also i would like to mention that it is DEFINATELY GROWING... if it sits on a shelf it gradually gets worse looking and worse smelling... I feel like having any of the cloth even around her or anyone else is detrimental to our health...

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