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Mucus in babies stool

My grandson is 4 months old and, for the past 6 weeks, has had blood in his stool and it has gotten very mucusy in the past month. The blood is a dark red or black - not very much and not in every bowel movement. Just a couple of specks, now and then. The bowel movements have been very mucusy though. He is strictly breastfed (no cereal yet), is gaining weight (birth weight: 8.7 oz, present weight: 13.2 lb), is happy and doesn't show signs of discomfort. My daughter has brought him to a doctor, and then to a gastreologist (sp?) and has omitted milk and now soy products from her diet. The problem has not gotten better. Movements are green and quite smelly; only one a day or less, though. I noticed this week that he also seems to have gas - thought it was a dirty diaper at first, but proved not to be. He does not seem uncomfortable. I am getting concerned that this doesn't seem to be resolving itself. I have read that perhaps starting him on cereal might help. Just as an FYI, my daughter had gestational diabetes while pregnant, but strictly followed the diet given to her by the doctor and blood sugars at birth were in the normal range. I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions as to what we can do.
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my son is having a similar problem.  It started after an ear infection and antibiotics though -before that he never had any issues.   He is also breastfed.   Is on solids but often has little appetite for them.  He can have up to 8 diapers a day with either green runny mucousy stool - and it smells awful..or just yellow tinged mucous stools.   I amvery worried about him too.  I tried eliminating milk from my diet, and put him on soy formula (when in daycare).   Neither helped.  We are taking him to a Gastroenterologist on thursday.   If I find out anything will post another comment.    I am very worried for my son.   If you get any suggestions on your end - please also post a follow up question.
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Usually green in diaper is from a lactose intolerance .. usually self corrects but not always if it is a milk "problem" or allergy/intolrance.

CORN .. Barbara .. corn may be a culprit if the milk/soy is still a problem.  I am going to send you a message to see how things are going but wanted to post this, too as corn is in many formulas.

You may want to try Alimentum RTF (the powder I believe has corn in it) and see if this helps at all.

Mommy .. how did you make out?

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My 2 month old has the exact same symptoms. i took her to the doctor today, and was told that everything looks normal. this is our third child, the first to have green stools and yesterday, i found a trace amount o of blood...just 2 dots.
this has just come on within the last week, before that her stools were the mustard yellow seedy type. she, too is gaining weight and seems happy...let me know if you hear anything else. I haven't tried eliminating dairy from my diet, would that help any?
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