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cough wheeze hives

Hi i got a cold around a month ago.the rest of my family did to but they were all better within like a week or so. i have only gotten worse. I have been wheezing and crackling sounds that are quite loud when i breathe in or out lol sounds like im making music because it changes pitch . and a cough that has only gotten worse. sometimes i will get a cough going and i cant stop i turn red or purple scares my husband,dr cant see me for a while. now about 4 days ago i started getting hives on my breasts neck back tint bit here and there on my limbs but more on my trunk.Heres the kicker i DONT have a fever weird.i do have an inhaler and neb i used from my son ..no i have never had asthma before i had the inhaler from pnemonia last yr. i dont really have a stuffy nose it runs a little after coughing alot.mucus is alittle thick but clearish no green or yellow...any ideas?
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I have similar ,,,and the coughing is nit nice ...I feel its some sort of virus
or allergy ..the Dr does not know and meds are prescribed ..it will take its course , drink pleny\y of liquids especially for  the cough and sick cough lozenges
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Hello there,

These sound like asthma systems. I know you said you never have had asthma is the past, but the coughing and wheezing are asthma symptoms. Ask your family doctor for an asthma test. I also would call your doctor's receptionist and say you can't wait , you need to see your doctor NOW.
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