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Adjusted before Dr. knew Pain Level


I am a 44 yr old female Medical Massage Therapist.  I am fit, and only sometimes deal with mid back pain.  4 years ago had a problem with a dislocation of the floating rib.....(from mid-back weakness). Went to a Chiropractor, he put the rib back in place and everything was fine.  

A few days ago woke up to intense pain in my neck.  I thought it at first , was a crick in the neck....possibly from sleeping wrong.  As the day progressed, the pain became so intense that my fiance had to take me to the hospital.  (I can tolerate high levels of pain)

They checked me for Menagitis....and ruled it out due to my White Blood Cell Count was not elevated, and I did not have fever,etc....I was sent home with Vicodin, and a Muscle Relaxer.

The following day went to a Chiropractor...well known in the area.  He rushed me so much into the treatment...(I was the last appt) and did not realize the magnitude of my pain until AFTER he did "a gentle" adjustment to my neck.  He commented after seeing me struggle to move on/off the table that he did not realize the pain I was in.

My concern is that b/c he did not realize the extreme pain I was in, that possibly he made the condition worse.  I cannot stay out of work long....people depend on me...my own clients that suffer with Chronic Issues.  Also it is not financially feasible for me to be out of work for what he recommended as a week or longer.

He told me I had a Straight Cervical Spine, and a few pinched nerves along the Thoracic area.  I am scared because just like a piano player needs their fingers, I need my neck.  I love my job and this is my livelyhood.  

Any other ideas what could have caused a SUDDEN overnight condition like this?  Their has been no falls, nothing.  I work on an average of 4 people a day..use good body mechanics......and only problem is a weak mid back area.  Could this have caused the problem in the neck?

Scared in Houston................

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One thing I've learned over the years is that patients don't just go to bed one night perfectly healthy and wake up the next day sick or in pain. Problems, even if they appear to come on suddenly, take time to develop... and sometimes go completely unnoticed for years.

The first symptom of a heart attack, for example, is often times just that -- the heart attack. The person it happens to may think they were completely healthy, but it takes years of unhealthy habits before they finally have the experience.

"The straw that broke the camel's back" could have been sleeping wrong - sure... Do you ever sleep on your stomach, or possibly on your side with more than one pillow? If so, stop!

The average healthy neck should have a 42-degree curvature in it. If your cervical spine is completely straight, and you haven't been in any recent accidents or traumas, it's taken considerable time to get to that point.

Consider calling Dr. Robert Ramirez at Houston Spinal Care. He's a cervical spine specialist. His website is www.hspinalcare.com.

Warm wishes,
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Dr. Tanase,

Thank you for the advice....I will call him Monday.  Also, well....after I wrote the above, I realized I remembered something that I had forgotten over the week's time.  I went to the Fitness Center, near the indoor pool area......and almost fell, caught myself before going down.  It was not until I warned my kids today to be careful, did I remember that incident a week ago!

So I thinking that in an effort not to fall, this is when it started.  I also will follow your recommendation for the pillows at night.  I often see clients who either the pillow is too high, or too low, and come to me for cervical muscle issues.

Thank you again, and I will look into seeing Dr. Ramirez.

God Bless,

Rachel :)
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