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Burning Pain Throughout the Body

My wife was 46, small build & healthy as a horse.

In December 2008 she injured her back doing heavy yard work.

Within 5 days she was flat on her back with back pain & intense burning in her shins & feet area.

The burning also began to spread to other parts of her body (arms, facial, back, chest region)

She describes it like someone has a burning match under your skin.

We have seen 2 neurologist at a reputable institution in Atlanta & have been through physical therapy. No dianosis.

The doctors have performed a full MRI, skin core biopsies, EMG's, reviewed hormone levels, vitamin levels, numerous blood & urine tests. They have ruled out small fiber neuropathy & lyme disease but have no diagnosis.

The doctors have stated that they see this from time to time & sometimes it will go away & other times it may not.

I can't help but believe that there is some correlation between the back injury & the burning pain since it came on at the same time.

We are now into this chronic pain for 13 long months. She is in very bad shape mentally due to the drugs (neurotin & valium - tried many others but these are the lessor of the evils). One doctor has suggested pain management but we are afraid that will lead to some very addictive drug regiments.

Can an injured back bring about widespread burning for such a lenghty period of time ?

Not sure where to go from here.
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