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Buttock Pain

Hi, I am hoping you can help me.

I am 28 year old, male and I have been experiencing buttock, mostly upper for a 1 1/2 yrs. I had a few trigger point injections and I also had an SI injection that I believe did not work. I have been told that I have piriformis syndrome but I'm not sure because I feel like my pain is a little higher than where the piriformis lies in my buttock.

Is there a way to differentiate Piriformis syndrome and SI joint dysfunction? They seem very simlilar.

Thanks for your help
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Experienced rehab specialists will be able to isolate and differentiate these symptoms for you. Try finding a chiropractor in your area who focuses on athletic injuries and rehab. You might also look for a doctor who specializes in ART (Active Release Technique).
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Hi Doc, thanks for your reply. Ive seen a lot of doctors and nobody can seem to pinpoint it for me. I have been seeing a Chiro who actually practices ART and its not really helping me.

I've thought about Rolfing but its quite expensive. Do you have any other suggestions?

thanks for your help
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Hi i was just wondering where the pain is exactly, how long you have had it and also how does it get diagnosed? I think i may have this but i'm not 100% sure..i have had chronic buttock pain now for around 12years- i say its lower back pain but its mainly in my cheeks. I sometimes have pain in my groin area, but the pain in my buttocks are so tendor sometimes can't be touched and especially not pressed! All my MRI, scans, xrays etc are all normal so i am always trying to find out why i am in so much pain If you have anything you think may help me please do get back to me...thanks!
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