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Chiropractor and Facet Joint


I saw a chiropractor in the middle of July. I was exercising frequently and at a very high intensity. Both of my legs were extremely tight, quads, calves, everything. That is what brought me to the chiropractor.

After a pretty rough adjustment, I woke up in the middle of the night with intense pain in my buttock/hip area. I tried massages and I have gone for 3 trigger point injections in the area. It has been 6 months and the pain is constant, everyday and sometimes unbearable.

MRI's on lumbar spine and left hip are negative. My pain doc is now recommending a facet joint injection. I have no history of trauma or injury anywhere on my body. I am 27 years old so its not like I have osteoarthritis.

I am wondering if it is possible for the chiropractor could have damaged a facet joint? I was not in pain when I left and the adjustment was not extremely rough, just a little more rough than I am used to. I feel like it could be piriformis syndrome or a facet issue.

Could the chiropractor havve permanently damaged my facet joint?

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It's incredibly unlikely.

I'd suggest visiting a different chiropractor with a less physical technique. There are a variety of instrument-based adjusting methods, as well as "low force" techniques that do not stress the spine the way manual manipulation can.

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