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Chiropractor fixed my back - but now I'm having neck pain.

I went to see a chiropractor for the first time in my life yesterday because of some tendinitis in my arm. He adjusted my back and neck and I felt absolutely wonderful afterwards. Best sleep of my life. However, this morning as I was waking up something happened with my neck (or maybe while I was sleeping) and now I can't turn it to the right anymore and my whole head is slightly tilted. It is painful.

Is this typical? The pain came on very suddenly when I woke up and I've never had neck problems before in my life. I'm hoping it's just a symptom of the adjustment, or that he the chiropractor can at least fix it during my follow up.

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You most likely slept in an incorrect or imbalanced position, and your neck muscles aren't happy about it... I wouldn't relate it to the adjustment. But definitely mention this to your chiropractor, and ask him to discuss optimum sleep positions (as well as pillows, bed types, etc) with you.
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