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Chiropractor or Neurologist?

I am a 40 yo f last semester nursing student under a great amount of stress.  Prior to nursing school I worked as a waitress and began seeing a chiropractor for back pain & sciatica.  About 7 years ago I fell and hit the back of my head on the left side.  I had a concussion and bleeding out of my left ear.  Since then I have had headaches that start at the base of my skull on the left side and radiate into my left shoulder and up the left side of my head with the most severe pain under my left ear and jaw.  I also have tinnitus in my left ear.  (I have also been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.) My chiropractor said has never done X-rays, but said my C-2 is "out of line". Chiropractic manipulation helps temporarily.  Last week I bent over and when I stood back up I saw a zig-zag light pattern in my left periperal vision which stayed with me for about an hour.  Also, the tinnitus has gotten much worse lately.  I am under a tremendous amount of stress which exacerbates all symptoms.  I told my nursing instructor all my symptoms and she suggested I see a neurologist ASAP.  I do not have health insurance and cannot afford to do that right now.  Will I be doing additional harm if I see my chiroprator again?  Also, based on my symptoms, can you explain what is going on?
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Donna, I would suggest that you see either a neurologist first, or split the difference and visit a "Chiropractic Neurologist" in your area.

These types of DCs take a unique approach to evaluating brain function, and are very different than conventional chiropractors in their methodology. To find someone close by, call the Carrick Institute (www.carrickinstitute.org) and ask for a referral near your city/zip code.

It's nearly impossible for me to explain the disturbance in your visual field without knowing more details of your head injury (the fracture, how it's healed over time, etc).

If the neurologist offers little help, and there's not a chiropractic-neurologist within a reasonable distance, I would recommend finding an Upper Cervical chiropractor to handle your adjustments (www.UpCspine.com for a referral directory) - look for a NUCCA, Atlas Orthogonal, Grostic, Palmer-Specific or Blair practitioner for this type of care.
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