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Clavical causing shoulder problems

I'd like to know your opinion on whether a chiropractor is likely to be able to help me with the following problem.

Four years ago I broke my collar bone, and it healed in such a manner as show a big lump under the skin and the bone does not quite extend properly in to the shoulder joint.

Many doctors have said that my shoulder is fine but, perhaps due to my recent increased level of activity, it seems that my shoulder feels twisted and I get muscle pain (like having pulled a muscle) from time to time. The shoulder itself holds itself slightly lower than the other and I'm concerned that, beyond the slight discomfort I get day to day, I may be doing some more permanent damage.

Does this fall in to a physiotherapists domain, or should I do as the fracture clinic suggests and put up with it?

Any feedback kindly received.
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Thanks for writing.

While I don't think chiropractic will do much to specifically address the improperly healed clavicle, a chiropractor certainly may help with the discomfort you're feeling that is associated with it.

You might start by finding an experienced D.C. in your area who specializes in sports injuries or extremities. At the very least, go in for a consultation and see what the doc has to say... Never hurts to ask.

Warm wishes,
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