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Dislocated Tailbone Diagnosis and Care

Here's an x-ray of my tailbone: http://img357.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tailbonepr0.jpg

Can anyone tell by looking at this x-ray whether my tailbone is indeed in the wrong place (tailbone is indicated by the white arrow)?  I have an injured tailbone and am experiencing lots of pain from it.  Traditional doctors aren't offering much help, although they did take this x-ray (I haven't heard from them yet whether it's 'normal').  I would have expected to see a more gradual curve on a 'normal' tailbone, but from what I've read, the tailbone has quite a range of motion so perhaps this isn't out of place after all?

Any ideas?

I've also been reading about the potential for chiropractors to be able to manipulate it back into place.  Is this a procedure you'd recommend?  I imagine it must be painful, but I'd happily undergo something like that if it would help the pain.

Thanks much.
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Brilliant job of posting the x-ray! You're the first patient who's ever done that in this forum.

As for the anatomical placement of your coccyx, it certainly appears to be misplaced.

I know of one chiropractic procedure that corrects this problem. It's not going to put a smile on your face though. It's referred to as "Logan Basic" and you'll need to find a specialist in your vicinity who knows precisely how to perform the  coccyx-correcting maneuver.

I'll put it this way... it's a move that student chiropractors can't really "practice" in school... and consequently, the average chiropractor does not have any experience actually performing it. So it may be a challenge to find someone near you.

Worst case scenario, I can put you in contact with a chiropractic college that has a professor on staff who knows how to perform the procedure very well. So let me know if you can't find a local doc to handle it.

Warm wishes,
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