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Knee Soreness,Coldness, Problems after Chiro visit

In the summer while working on the farm I started to get on and off pain in my lower back whenever i took a step.
Im telling you that this was on and off. Sometimes i stepped and it wasnt there. Sometimes i stepped and it was there.

I have gone to the chiropractor before because I had a ski accident 2 years ago.And the doctor said i was out of align so he aligned me. I have not had any problems with anything until this summer. The same doctor did many adjustments and I have not had problems.

SO my chiropractor did an adjustment (this time not 2 years ago), and I started to get a small consistent pain in my lower back.
Then he did several more adjustments looking at the lenght of my legs etc...

RIght after the second or third visit.. I started getting a "numbness" feeling in my knee.
I went back and he said that he thinks the last adjustment "didnt stick" so he did another adjustment. I think it felt better but again it didnt totally go away.

Ive been back again for more adjustment and nothing is getting rid of this knee problem that came about from Chiropracter adjustments.

I feel like i was better off with the on and off pain as I only felt it when i was working hard and it was not consistent pain swollen feeling in my knee.

The chiropractor I am visiting believes now that my one leg is longer than the other leg and this is the cause of my knee pain. I personally have walked around for 25 years without any knee pain ever. I just cannot accept this diagnosis. He wants me to have a lift in my shoe.

This last adjustment (he did) was to line up my legs and then see if it would go away.

I was also told (by someone else) that everyones legs are not exactly the same and this is not a reason to get a lift in your shoes. The swollen feeling came from the adjustment and it didnt go away. Chiropractor is a practise its not a science. Especially if i have been walking for 25 years.

Would like back to preadjustment life.
What should I do?

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I am currently in the process of seeking a second opinion from a different chiropractor.
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