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Left ribcage pain from playing guitar

Hi, i'm a 22 year old university student majoring in  classical guitar. I am required to practice while sitting down for 5-6 hours a day, 6 days a week. about 2 years ago I started getting pain in the left side of my chest. I was freaked out and immediately thought something was wrong with my heart - but had tests done and thats not the problem. I was told by a doctor that I had chondritis (I think thats how you say it) and was referred to physical therapy. I had about 10 sessions, 6 months ago, and it seemed like it helped the slightest bit...but i still continue to do the excersices to stretch out my chest, and the pain is still with me everyday. The pain seems to be worse in the morning when i wake up. The PT did point something out to me - i have a gap in my ribcage on the left side and some of my ribs on the same side are very close together. She said this could be from prolongued posture, or i could have been born that way. I still don't know if it is chondritis that i have because i've heard that chondritis usually goes away fairly quicky...i've had this pain for 2 years.

One thing i notice is that ocassionally when i smoke a little marijuana, the pain almost always gets worse. Cigarettes don't seem to effect the pain at all. Why would the marijuana be making the pain worse? could a chiropractor do an adjustment in the area of my pain? If it isn't chondritis, what could be causing the pain and how could i get relief without taking pain medication?
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You might benefit from visiting a chiropractor who focuses on restoring spinal balance. But your lifestyle (seated guitar playing for 30-36 hours per week) is one that puts uncommon stress on the body on far too regular of a basis.

To notice lasting change, you'll likely have to modify your practice regimen and incorporate stretches/exercises throughout the day to de-stress the spine (and rib cage).

I am unable to answer the question why marijuana hurts you but cigarettes don't.

Here's a link to a referral directory for specialists in Indiana - http://is.gd/bYDUq
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