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Left sided ache/pain

For over a year I've had a pain under left shoulder blade, ache in left ribcage, and tightness in left chest area. Sometimes short sharp pain in left chest breathing in. I have ache down left arm too.

ECGs x 3 and 1 chest xray. All fine. Doctors are puzzled but haven't referred me to any specialists yet. I thought maybe post herpetic neuralgia from shingles I had in that area 3 years ago but a doctor said he didn't think so.

I try to do stretches when the muscles are warm but it's there every day.

My left collar bone pops out of socket when I raise my left arm but this is painless. My left ribcage clearly sticks out more than the right. Apparently I was born a bit "twisted".

I can no longer work (I was a care assistant) due to the constant ache and pain which drains me. I'm quite thin and have limited energy anyway. 24 yr female. Painkillers take the edge off but the ache remains.

Please advise on what I need to do/who to see.
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I wish I had a more specific answer for you, but have you ever been evaluated by a reputable chiropractor? While not a silver bullet, any structural problems you have may be detected during an exam, and some of your symptoms may improve after treatment.
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