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Lump on right lower rib near side

I have what I would label a lump on my lower right rib area near the side of my body. It is "in" more than the last rib that I can feel and it feels pretty hard.  It does not feel as hard as a bone but definitlly not soft either.  If i press it I feel like it becomes sensitive after a while.  Its pretty large like 3inches long and maybe 1inch wide.  If I feel the same area on my left side i dont feel anything there at all.  It is not really painful but it has a distinct feeling during the day that i can tell is different from my other side.  I have been to the doctor before and he examined the whole area.  Although he passed it off as nothing i was still thinking about it just because it feels so different from the other side and it gives off a feeling of something being there all though the feeling is not "painful" or anything unbearable, just faint and annoying.

Thanks for the help, I know that description might be kind of vauge.
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Your doctor may have passed it off if he believed that it was a mass of benign fatty tissue cells called a lipoma.

However, if you're this concerned, and instinctively believe that he may be wrong, consult with another physician. It never hurts to get a second (or third) opinion. Peace of mind is priceless. A dermatologist or an orthopedist might be good specialists to speak to about it.

Warm wishes,
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Thanks for the inofrmation. I am not sure if its relevant but I am a 20 year old male and the only time its is visible if i look in the mirror and take in and hold a deep breath.  I have a physcial later this month and I will ask about it again there too.  You are right about peace of mind, who knows me just thinking about it and poking it may be the cause of why I feel it (hopefully)

Thanks again

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