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MRI Shoulder Results & its affect on Whiplash

Help!! Can you tell me what this means in laymens terms:

The report is as follows:

Finding: There is moderate supraspinatus tendinoapathy and mild infraspinatus tendinopathy. The teres minor and subscapularis tednos are intact.  There is mild biceps tendionpathty.

No disreate labral tears are indentified.

There are mild degenerative changes of the AC joint with downsloping of the acromion.  Small geodes are present in the humeral head.  There is no acute ossessous abnormality.

A small amount of fuild is present in the subacromial and subdeltoid bura.

Conclusion: Modreate Supraspinatus and mild tendinopathy.  Mild biceps tendinopathy Mild degenerative changes of the AC joint with downsloping of the acomion.

Please note: the Above condition is in associates with a whip-lash injury...both substained after a rear-end car accident.

Also, what are my treatment options.
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When you remove the medical jargon, the long and the short of it is this... You have an injured shoulder.

As for treatment options, it would behoove you to consult with a PT and/or Chiropractor to address the neck and shoulder pain.

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