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NUCCA does it really work?

Ok, I have given NUCCA care chiropractic an honest try for three months. Was feeling fine until my low back gave out while working out.
is this all just smoke and mirrors? I have had several NUCCA "adjustments" and I don't feel a thing. They use no pressure at all so how does any adjustment take place?
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I think NUCCA is a great system, and when performed correctly, I believe it can be very effective. I think it's good that you gave it an honest try for three months.

If you experienced a low back injury while under care, we can't point the finger at NUCCA. Your chiropractor is working to restore balance to your spine. Now, I'm not sure of your age, level of activity, previous health history, #/type of surgeries you've had, what medications you take, or what type of job you perform, but there are many reasons why you could still experience that lower back problem.

For example, if you have 20+ years of spinal degeneration present, or 30+ years of bad postural habits and poor nutritional decision-making, your body is not going to magically spring back to normal after 3 months of chiropractic care. In fact, it might *never* go back to "normal", depending on what stage of degeneration you're in... So it's important to have realistic expectations for care, and take these time frames into consideration.

Here's what you might consider doing at this point... if your NUCCA doctor has not performed a progress exam since your first visit, I'd ask him/her to do that... Measure the results, and see if there is visible change present. If there is, then you're in good hands, and patience is a virtue. If there's no change, objectively OR subjectively, then I would say it's perfectly acceptable to find another chiropractor to evaluate you.

There's an old saying within our profession, "It's not the 'TIC, it's the 'TOR" -- this implies that if one chiropractic office is unable to provide you with the results you're seeking, then simply seek out another office and get another opinion. Some doctors have more experience than others, and sometimes one technique may work better for you than another.

So take these factors into consideration before writing off the NUCCA system altogether.

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