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Newborn loves looking at things upside down

I have a 6 week old little girl and since birth she loves looking at things from upside down. Her favorite thing to do is to tilt her head and upper body back until I lay her in my lap so that her head hangs over my knees so she can look at everything from this perspective. She will actually get upset if I try to keep her upright and will cry and squirm until I help her "assume the position" and then she'll immediately get quiet and just looks all around. A lot of times we are rewarded with what we've come to call "coos of appreciation" because she'll get so vocal while she looks at everything. I have wondered why she does this but just kind of took it as one of those odd/cute baby quirks. (You know...some kids just do weird things.) Recently I had a very well respected friend mention that she heard something about how it can possibly be an early indicator of some learning disability that, when caught in infancy, can be treated by specially trained chiros. Do you know what she's talking about? She couldn't remember the name of the disability off the top of her head but remember that chiros trained in a certain technique could treat it. I'm not a worried nut case mom, but if there is something to this I would like to know so I can potentially see someone about it and get her evaluated.
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Sometimes newborns innately bend/turn/flex/extend their head in various ways to innately adapt to neck misalignment.

I'd say this is probably what your friend was referring to...

It would be a good idea to have your daughter examined by a reputable chiropractor in your area who has lots of experience with kids. Newborns are very easy to adjust, and they often respond very quickly.
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