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Pain, feels like strain back of neck and extends up head


Looking for some advice. About 3 weeks ago I noticed that I accidentally jarred my neck when I looked right too quickly and although it only lasted a second it happened a couple of times.

Since then I have had ache in the back of my neck that extends on both sides along the middle and into my head predominantly on the right that extends up the backs of my ears. In addition to this I have experienced mild throbbing behind my ears. Also I have been getting sharp sudden pains in the areas just above where my ears are.  it feels more comfortable to keep my head lowered and trying to sleep is very difficult as the pain is worse at night.

I suppose my question is what can I do? or what have i done? or should i be worried?

Many thanks,

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Based on your description, you may have induced a misalignment within your neck. This can cause muscle spasm at the base of the skull, TMJ area, as well as neck and shoulders. It would behoove you to visit a reputable chiropractor in your area -- the sooner the better... I say that because small problems can often develop into more complicated problems down the road. It'd be easier to fix this now as opposed to later.
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Thanks Doctor, I made an appointment with the doctor on tuesday and will ask him for a recommendation for a chiropracter.
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