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Post spine manipulation treatment.

A week ago I had my body re-aligned, 17 adjustment in all. Most severely, my shoulder which had been moved by a trauma.  First question is after the procedure my back kept making cracking sounds as I moved around (though with more care).  
Are those sound the joints/spine going back to their old position or is it just them adjusting and getting comfortable in their new setting?

Second question is how long should I wait to go back to a full workout in a gym.  The doctor said to wait 3 days before working it out although I am taking precautions and doing low weight rehabilitating workouts I had researched.  From my research on what my shoulder had been through I came up with it being caused by a microtrauma and was called shoulder instability which I understand to be a movement of the shoulder joint which can stretch the muscles which in turn forces your other muscles to compensate (if I am wrong on shoulder instability please correct me so I can understand thank you).  So mostly I am worried about going back to my original workout and popping it back to where my shoulder previously was.  What should be my approach to this. Ex. Length of time until returning to full gym workout, shoulder rehabilitating workout suggestions, ect..

Thank you for any input
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