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Right Arm/Shoulder pain/symptoms

years ago I developed right arm pain after my daughter was born. I was using this arm alot to hold her for breastfeeding and she slept on my right foreman for 3 months straight. I developed a bump on my right hand/wrist. I saw a hand surgeon who tried cortison injections. I then had a tendon release and bone spurs shaved. The pain persisted. I saw another hand surgeon who did a wrist arthroscopy and found 3 torn wrist ligaments and repaired them with Kirschner wires. Again no pain relief. This doctor moved out of state so I saw a 3rd hand surgeon who thought it might be radial nerve entrapment due to the pain being worst in my foreman. I had a radial nerve release surgery. Again, no pain relief. I saw a pain doc who did a nerve block thru my neck. It didnt help, he offered me Methadone but I declined. I have been on all the nerve meds with no relief. The past few years the pain has been be really bad in y right shoulder as well. The front of my should near the chest area and the shoulder blade. I am unable to wear a bra strap as this increases the shoulder/arm pain. The pain in constant and worse with activity such as brushing my hair, cooking/stirring, lifting, writing, swimming, carrying anything. The right hand/arm is always freezing cold and my hand/fingers are swollen 24/7.I cannot sleep on my right side. I want to get rid of pain and figure out what is the cause. I do not believe it is the arm anymore. Im wondering if it could be due to a cervical problem or Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. A CT Angio of my brain/neck showed modest cervical spondylsis. I was recently diagnosed with 3 herniated lumber disk and 2 labral tears. I have 23yr history of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I dont know where I should go from here.
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