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Sudden daily headaches with neck pain and arm numbness

I am 31 year old healthy female. I work part time and have 2 small children. On Sept. 17 of 2012 around mid-morning when I began to have vision problems that included spots in my eyes and almost like a shadow fell over my left eye. I thought perhaps I was going to get a migraine since I had heard people describe them that way. The vision probs lasted about 45 minutes and when it went away a headache set in. It was what I would call a mild to moderate headache. Ever since I have a headache. Most days it is tolerable but always uncomfortable. Well, not long after this I started having some neck pain. I also notice that if I lay on my left side the left side of my face, neck, left arm and hand all go numb. I have had CT scan of head and MRI of brain (all normal) as well as thyroid checked, sugar, hormones etc. Tried Chiropractic, accupuncture and physical therapy. My neurologist says NDPH but I feel like we are missing something. Mainly because I have not had a MRI of neck as of yet. Have on scheduled finally after neuro finally agreed to order it. Over 6 months of headaches has left me searching for answers with not much findings. Neuro tried me on Amitriptilyne (made me sleepy but did nothing for headache), zonegran ( I was allergic to), Topamax (Made me very sick and couldn't stay on it) and Neurontin with Neurontin being the only medicine that provides any relief so far. This is not rebound headache as I rarely ever take OTC or any other medicines except for Neurontin. HELP PLEASE from anyone with experience with this. Family needs me and I need to get back to normal.
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