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Uneven rib cages fixes

Hi, I am a 20 years old guy, healthy and fit, but I have a diagnosed non-severe scoliosis.

My left shoulder is slightly higher than my right shoulder.

My left pec is protruding more than the right one, meaning that my sternum/rib cage is slightly turned from left-to-right. And my pecs are uneven

This photo shows it exactly:

I need EXERCISES to fix up my back and the disharmony of the pecs, I cant go see a pro, I cant go make radiographics, I just NEED exercises that I can do to realign the back and most important the pecs, I know this is hard since im 20 and almost done developing my bones structures but exercise solves everything, I know there must be something I can do to help my cause
Just gimme a routine, anything. I dont need advises like "go to swim" I need technical instructions on how to execute exercises that could make the pecs less uneven!

Gimme some heavy metal to lift!

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