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cervical question

My husband has been having severe neck pain and pain shooting down his arm for the past 6 weeks.  We just picked up the MRI report.

He has multilevel stenosis due to a combination of developmental and degenerative disease. Stenosis is worst at c 5-6 where there is moderate to severe narrowing of the central canal and broad based posterior spondylitic ridging with disc osteopohyte complex effacing the ventral thecal sac with flattening of the ventral aspect of the cord. The cord is bowed posteriorly at this level. There is bilateral unvcoverterbral joint hypertrophy with bilateral neural foraminal narrowing. There is moderate narrowing of the central canal at C 3-4 and mild to moderate stenosis at  C 4-5 and C 6-7

Given a profile like this, is my husband a candidate for chiropractic treatment or is he past less invasive treatments and a surgical candidate.  How would chiropractic treatments help when a bone spur is actually compressing the spinal chord?
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I would say he's a candidate for a very specific form of chiropractic treatment called Upper Cervical Care. Visit www.UpCspine.com and try finding a NUCCA, Atlas Orthogonal or Grostic specialist in your area.

As for the bone spur itself - it's highly unlikely that the treatments would help that specifically. That may need to have some form of surgical intervention if it's compressing the spinal cord.

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