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lower back spasms, pain outide hip and in groin area
I have been having pain on the outside of my hips and severe ache in upper leg inside groin.
I cannot sleep on my sides anymore. It does not radiate down my leg. This has been going on for about a year.
and getting worse. In July, I had a bout of major back spasms. They were so severe, they radiated around the front and I could not take a breath without spasming. I went to physical therapy, took muscle relaxants which took the spasms away but did not help with the hip pain. (I can press the hip and feel pain).
This is affecting my sleep. I wanted to have chiropractic treatment but have been afraid.
Two years ago I had a Nissen Wrap because of a hyatial hernia and am afraid an adjustment would rip this.
Any diagnosis, treatment, advise. Thank you.
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There are many different chiropractic techniques at your disposal, many of which do not twist or turn the spine/hips during adjustments. If you can make the drive, this office is about 2 hours from you: http://www.backcovechiro.com/

While it may sound counter-intuitive, the Upper Cervical specialist may be a good person to consult about your condition.

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