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severe left shoulder & neck pain

Dr i have been bearing severe pain in left shoulder along with neck going to below the left ear.i am very worried what exactly it can be.if it's a symptom of spondilytis?
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Thanks for writing. While it's impossible for someone to diagnose you with spondylitis over the Internet, based on the symptoms you're describing, it's unlikely you're suffering from this disease.

Spondylitis only affects about 0.2% of the adult population in America. The most common early signs of spondylitis are constant pain and stiffness in the low back, buttocks and hips that continue for more than three months. The disease often starts around the sacroiliac joints and the sacrum (tailbone).

Spastic muscles and trigger points can send "referred pain" from the shoulder up towards the base of the skull. Likewise, misaligned cervical vertebrae can send pain down through the arm and shoulder.

Consider finding a good chiropractor in your area. A great referral directory can be found at www.UpCspine.com, as well as lots of patient education about chiropractic care.

Ultimately, the doctor who examines you and performs x-rays on your spine will be able to give you more concrete answers about your problem.

Hopefully you find my answer beneficial.

Warm wishes,
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i have 2 tears in my shoulder and a pinched nerve  and artheritis traveling i'm 43  did you have a cat scan or mri? lots of times you have a bad habit sleeping or pc  habit which is aggervating your neck ? i use a cervical pillow , the chiro activator will help you , and popping technique massage works great also,  r/o with x rays then see a good chiro sports rehab kind
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Dr thanks a lot for a great and really helpful advice to me.i m trying to find out a chiropractor.i hope will soon get out of the pain.
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