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Antibiotic resistant chlamydia?

At the end of March I was informed I had chlamydia. I went to the doc and I was given a shot of rocephin and prescribed me doxycycline for 7 days. Not reading the directions, I was taking the Doxy the same time I usually take my multivitamin, which made the treatment useless.  Almost a month later (4/24)  I went back after realizing this and they gave me Azithromycin (4 x 250 mg single dose) *as an added note I took psilocybin mushrooms 2 days (4/26) later. I'm not sure if that would have any effect but it seems worth mentioning.*

On Monday (5/6)  I went to another clinic and got another gram of Azithro (2 x 500 mg single dose) thinking "this will probably do it"  It's 5 days later from the most recent treatment and still I have the burn and that weird itch feeling after urinating, there's probably clear discharge in the morning still as well I've stopped checking as it seems to do nothing but stress me out.  Did the chlamydia turn into some sort of super strain with the Iron from that multivitamin or something?

I have been tested each time I have gone back and the tests have all come back positive. I asked if there's any chance they could be missing
gonorrhea or something else and they have assured me, "No it's just chlamydia, 7 days and you'll be fine blah blah blah"  

If anyone could shed some insight on this it would be greatly appreciated.
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Symptoms can take 2 weeks to go away and it takes 3 weeks form medication for a retest to be reliable.

I doubt that multivitmans would change the bateria of chlamydia. Normally it is from common evolution that a bacteria or virus will mutate.
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still doesn't really explain why the symptoms would be lingering from the first Azithromycin treatment. Agree with you about the iron but definitely curious about the persistent symptoms and why my body doesn't seem to be killing off the disease if the antibiotics are successfully stopping its growth. Had blood work done and everything else (HIV, the rest of em) all came back negative.
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