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Can Birds Give Humans Chlamydia?

I recently had a miscarriage and my Drs office automatically tests for chlamydia.  My results were positive.  My husband has been my only partner, ever.  I confronted him on the issue and he swears he has not cheated.  He went to get tested and his results will be back tomorrow.  I saw on the internet that birds can transmit Chlamydia Psittaci to humans but it's more of an upper-respiratory infection.  How likely is it for a bird to have passed that to me? Would a test for Chlamydia still show positive if it's the kind from a bird?  I work as a Vet Tech at an exotic clinic. So I work with birds, alot.  I just want an answer as to how I got infected, if my partner is truely being honest. Thanks
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its not the same strain as genital chlamydia
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Like 2terrified stated, it is not the same strain.  If you have not been w/ anyone else I would just wait for your husband's results to come back.  If he comes back negative then I would think the doc should be able to offer you some information on how it can be contracted other than partner to partner. Can I ask how long you have been married or w/ your husband?  I do know it is possible to have it go undetected for a long period of time.  Another question is, when you had your last pap did they test you for chlamydia then?  I would make sure to check when the last time you yourself were tested, that should help narrow down the time frame. I know I get tested every year for chlamydia but that could be because I am not married and they consider ppl who are not married at "higher risk".  

Most importantly~ I am so very sorry to hear about your miscarriage.  I know firsthand how difficult and painful that can be.  My thoughts are with you.

Please keep me posted as to what you find and figure out.  I myself am curious to hear what the doc has to say.  

Thinking of you...

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