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Can chlamydia effect your neck lymph nodes?

I was diagnosed with chlamydia about 2 months ago and my partner did not believe me he had an std therefor refused to go to the doctor and seek treatment. So when I was treated I tried not to have intercourse with my partner but teenage urges got the best of me and I knew I would end up having sexual intercourse with him again and thought it would be better if I just stayed untreated wile our relationship lasted. Then yesterday morning I woke up with my neck lymph nodes swollen, they are about 4 times their usual size. I went to the doctors today and they gave me Naproxen to help the pain but I was wondering if chlamydia had anything to do with it and if treatment would help the swelling go down. (Also please don't give me relationship advise because I already know my sexual partner is irresponsible and promiscuous. I love him anyways.)
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You posted here and you will hear everything I have to say about your post.

To start if your going to have sex and your partner is promiscious then you need to protect yourself and use condoms. Not being treated for chlamydia is a very poor decision. If your partner will not get tested and treated and you continue to have sex with him then again another very poor decision that can affect your health and possibility of being able to give birth in the future.
Get retested, get your bf tested and both need treatment. Simple as that. Love can make us do many things but to be irresponsible about your health is not smart.

Your neck nodes can be a sign of many things but it is a sign of some kind of throat/mouth infection.

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