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Can my partner be a carrier for chlamydia?

I've been in a relationship with a guy since August 19th.  Since then, we have both been faithful to each other and have a good relationship.  In September, I donated blood and they didn't call me back, so figured everything was fine.  My psychiatrist wanted me to have some tests done seeing as I had several other partners before him.  I came back negative for HIV, and because Red Cross never called me back I figured I didn't have any other std.  Then about one to two weeks ago, I developed a cyst.  At first they thought it was Bartholin's and then I followed up with my doctor.  I went to the emergency walk in first.  My doctor then said it was a basic cyst and wanted to test me for chlamydia and gonneria.  I came back negative for gonneria but tested positive for chlamydia.  He recently got tested for a bunch of stds too just for our safety precautions.  He came back negative for everything.  Could he be a carrier even though he was negative?  He is going to his doctor today to get on medicine too and we won't be having sex for seven days.  We want to get it treated and gone.  I'm just trying to figure out how long I had it.  I've been reading that I can have it for up to several months.  I'm just wondering if it was him I caught it from.  It's hard to know.
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People are not carriers, you either have the infection or you don't. You will not know who you caught it from, but since he tested negative probably not him.
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