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Can testicale ache be Chlamydia..?

Hi everyone, I could really use some advice...

About 6-7 weeks ago had unprotected sex with someone I know and i've been a little paranoid that i've caught something. I've had no symptoms, although sometimes I think there's a mild tingling at the tip of my penis, but this could generally be anxiety, as I only seem to feel it when i'm thinking about it.

However about 4 days ago my testicles have started to have a dull ache. I've had no other symptoms, no leakage, no pain when urinating, no marks, soreness (on my penis) or redness and i'm not feeling unwell. My testicles also aren't really swollen (as far as i can tell) and they're not particularly tender, they just ache a bit - but it is relatively constant (probably exacerbated with my worrying).

I intend to get myself checked out, but i'm away for the next 10 days, so can't until i'm back. I'm getting really worried though. Is a mild ache in the genitals with no other systems associated with Chlamydia?

Any help / advice would be really appreciated.
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Yes, aching or even full on hurting testicles are a sign of chlamydia. I have it now and my testicles ache off and on.
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