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Chalmydia or gonorrhoea for male receiving oral?

Hi there,

I have had a couple of unprotected oral encounters (male receiving from female) and was wondering how likely is it or otherwise that I could contract either gonorrhoea or chlamydia in this situation?

I have read so many conflicting statements regarding this, some saying that the risk is small enough to be negligible to saying it is very possible

Thanks in advance!
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Just to add, wether this is my imagination or not, in Jan of this year I had some dull aching in testicle area which dissipated after a couple of weeks and this week I have noticed that the head of my penis seems to always feel wet and on two instances over the past week I have noted clear odourless discharge
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The risk is incredibly low, not zero, but pretty close.

I doubt the testicle issue is related.

However, chlamydia and gon are such simple tests to take, drop in and have a test to put your mind at ease.
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Thanks fleetwood,

I have been for a test and awaiting results. Still a little anxious however.

I seem to be getting a tiny amount of wetness at the opening of my urethra, the head of my penis tingles every once in a while.

Perhaps I'm overthinking it, the nurse told me she's never seen someone come in with chlamydia from fellatio but I don't know if gonorrhoea would have presented itself before now?

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