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Chances of Havin PID after a year of no sexual activity n no STD's

In 2011 i was tested for trich gonnorhea and chlamydia from discharge from my cervix. I also had a physical pelvic exam and an ultrasound on my abdomen to check if everything was alright. Thank god everything came back negative. This testing was completed after 7 months of being sexually active with one person.

I have not been sexually active since then, and have only been with one person, so is there a chance i have PID related to an STD. I'm so worried i cant stop searching it up.

Sometimes i feel pain, but not sure if it is just due to my periods. ( they are regular and i do ovulate)

Thank you so much
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Ive searched up PID more times than i can count. Unfortunately some people say its disgusting painful where as others say they didnt even know they had it.

Im only 18 + I would be devastated if i become infertile.

I think the best thing we can both do is see a doctor + ask them to talk us through it , get a pelvic exam (i havent yet had one ever).

I regret being so stupid + thinking i wouldnt get an STD because i trusted my boyfriend -- big mistake.
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do you think we're both ok though/
i've read somewhere it depends on how many times you actually get PID if it will make you infertile or not.

yeah get a pelvic exam! i didnt feel any pain during it, so i guess i was ok at that stage. im just so worried something went wrong.
im going to see a doctor next month as it will be an easier time for me. I'll let you know what happens :)

i think we're fine though. just stress heads! i hope your ok too xo
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and ask for an ultrasound! my doctor was so helpful because he knew i was young. he made sure everything was checked out.
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PID can go silent just like Chlamydia , thats why i didn't know i had chlamydia for 8-10 months!!

The problem I have is I never had deep pelvic pain when i had sex until 3 months into my relationship + it was only ever in certain positions.

So im undecided whether the pain came from the chlamydia or because i had PID however, after having it treated i never had the pain again when i had sex so i gathered the pain was from the chlamydia rather than having PID.

I hate going to the doctor -- what is a pelvic exam? Is that where they just poke around outside your body to see if it hurts etc?
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this sounds horrible but its not as bad as it seems, they put lube on this clip that opens up your vagina. and so the doctor can see inside and take a swab from your cervix, i told him i didnt want the nurse to see me so if your self concious just tell your doctor.... then he will remove the clip n basically stick his finger into you and feel on your ovaries n other things (im not sure what else they feel for) to see if they feel cysts or if its causing you pain. i know it sounds so embarrassing, but its over within like 2 minutes.

what did your pain feel like? just like period cramps or a little differnet. im so confused about the pain thingy :( i havent had sex in a year so im not sure.

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I didn't get cramping -- it was just felt like (when we was having sex) a pressure pain. It wasn't horrific ,it was just uncomfortable.

I really don't like the idea of someone looking at my vagina and stuff -- embarrassing to say the least.

Obviously i had chlaymdia, got it treated and then the pain went away + when i had sex after being treated it was fine -- no pain. Then around 3 months later i got tested again to make sure the chlamydia had gone and it had.

Id say i had the chlamydia atleast 10 months so im more than likely have got PID or atleast a good chance of having it.

I don't get symptoms for PID but like i said, it can go silent.
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if the doctors believed you were at risk for it, you wouldve had a pelvic exam at least. this is what happen to me. i was throwing up etc due to other reasons, but they checked for stds to be sure.

i really dont know hun =S  when are you planning on seeing a doctor?
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and the antibiotics to cure PID are different to chlamydia as well. so if they truly believed u were at some sort of risk, even the tiniest, they would have asked to do a pelvic exam to rule out the possibility, like they did with me.
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I never went to the doctor for my STD test -- Im in the UK so i just picked up a home kit from a GUM clinic.
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Went to the doctor today + she basically said you would deffinately know if you had PID because it makes you reallypoorly you need to be in hospital.

She said because Chlamydia is so common its rare for it to make you infertile + only 1 in every 10 women will become infertile from PID.

She didn't offer me a pelvic examination though so im going to seek a second opinion.
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omg that is great news!
yeah if you're still worried definitely seek a second opinion. Did you mention about how it can go silent???

i hope this teaches us a lesson to be careful next time!

Please let me know if you do seek a second opinion, and tell me what they say, as i'm in the same situation as you, and cant really see a doctor till next month.

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Not unless you leave it untreated. Women with PID may present with low abdominal pain, heavy discharge, irregular menstruation, intercourse pain and so on. However, many women have a less acute inflammation that produces few symptoms. If untreated, PID can lead to blockage of the fallopian tubes and subsequent infertility.

Actually, the time frame of developing PID is different for everybody. Some women might develop PID from leaving it untreated for months, others might get it from leaving it untreated of just few weeks. If you really worried, you may get it checked out to look if there is damage such as scarring to your Fallopian tubes. You may check http://global.fuyanpills.com/index.html, this website provides online service, you may consult the online doctor, i always use it. Hope it helps.

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We're asking if it can be silent for at least a year though.
i will check out the website you wrote :)
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Yeah i mentioned that it can go silent and all she said was that because Chlamydia is so common it's very rare that the chlamydia itself will cause infertility + even more rare for the chlamydia to develop into PID and cause infertility.

However, because it is a 'silent' condition it is worth getting it checked out which is why i will be seeking a second opinion as the doctor i seen done nothing at all.

She said you can't see or know you have PID until you start trying for children and fail to do so.

Which is stupid because that means id have to wait until i want children and by then i could have silent PID and the damage would already be done.

Either way -- im going to the doctors again tuesday or wednesday and i will see if i can get more information , try push for a pelvic exam (though i really dislike the idea).

But the doctor i seen seemed pretty sure that its fairly rare + if you had PID we would know about it.
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I'll ask about low abdominal pain aswell.

Im not sure what they classify that as -- like is it the same as period cramps or the unfortunate gut ache from food poisioning.

If i lay down , breathe in and then push down on my tummy it hurts from underneath the ribs as far down as the little fat pouch (spare tyre ,below the belly button) if you get what im saying. Other than that if i dont push down on my tummy i don't feel any pain , sitting down is fine , walking around is fine.

It feels as though something is swollen or maybe its literally because theres organs in there and im squishing them lol

Do you get any pain?
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hey, only when i have my periods i have cramping and back pain, but i think i've always had that so it makes me confused...lol

the thing i dont get it first the doctor says you will definitely know then she says you wont know until you have kids! gah lol....

go see another doctor or gyno and make sure its a girl.
then dont mention about PID until the end of the check up. just say you want a pelvic exam and std check up from your cervix... tell her "does the nurse have to see?" and she will probably ask the nurse to stand behind the curtain so she wont see anything :)
its over within 2 minutes i promise

then at the end of the check up just say if you believe you're at risk for PID because you've read about it .... and go from there.

your replies have made me feel better about all of this xx
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I get period cramps every month -- thats completely normal.

The pain is suppose to be constant.

It's annoying because she said you will deffinately know you have PID because of the pain but then there is some cases where its silent and we cant do anything until PID has already done its damage ... fabulous.
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haha i know right :S so what are we supposed to do lol?

i hope we're both ok though and i hope that the next doctor you see helps you a little bit more (: maybe you and i just regret what we did n keep thinking about this stupid PID because were guilty?
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I deeply regret being stupid. Im still with the same lad though. From what we can work out i had it for 8-10 months so im at greater risk of having it.

But i'll go see another doctor and see what they suggest. Surely they can do something to check for it.
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yeah they can. just dont be shy with your body so everything can be cleared and you wont be worrying as much ... let me know what they say :)
good luck hun
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I know I shouldn't be but i just aint keen on baring all lol it's not natural to me.
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i know thats how i felt too.my doctor was a guy so it was even worse.
thats why i said make sure its a girl lol... like they see heaps of girls all the time so they wont be judging you , you know :) and its all done behind a curtain
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Still freaks me out haha -- where you from (: ?
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from Australia lol. :)

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