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Chlamydia? Again?

I contracted chlamydia from a one night stand about 6 months ago. I did not use a condom and was completely irresponsible. I told my sexual partner at the time that I got it from them (I hadn't had sex in a year and get tested after every partner/I began experiencing a foul odor a day or two after we had sex) and told them to get tested and cured.

I took the cure two days after my diagnosis as directed, and came in 3 months letter to "test for the cure." My doctor was frustrated and told me that she said not to have sex with him again, (I didn't) and after I told her I didnt, she told me he needs to get cured.

So I was giving a second dose of something that started with an a, the one that chlamydia is often resistant to. Which I found weird because online it says that if a repeat infection occurs then the other medication should be prescribed. I think she honestly didn't believe that I didn't have sex after.

So now I went in to test for the cure and I'm awaiting results. The appointment was on Wednesday and she told me I had a yeast infection. I tool the medication for that.

I'm wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else? I'm kind of worrying that I'll never be able to cure this. I'm also very upset that my doctor didn't believe me and prescribe me the alternate medication incase the chlamydia was resistent. Shouldn't she have done that? Also can a yest infection result in testing positive for chlamydia? I'm gonna flip if I end up being positive again after a SECOND dose of medications. Also this was through Kaiser in California. Does no call mean good news? Or will they call me either way? Last time they called to tell me I was positive.
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I was given azithromycin the first and second time.
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Yes there is a proportion for whom one course of antibiotics will not eliminate chlamydia.

Yes no call is good news, being reportable you will definitely get a call if infected! Only a mixup would prevent that.
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