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Chlamydia and Gonorrhea at 21/Female

Last week I went in for an STI check. The first time I had unprotected sex was around November/December of 2015. Long story short, my results came back positive with urine and anal chlamydia and anal gonorrhea. This means I've possibly had it for about 6/7 months. I did get treated this past Monday for both. I experienced symptoms in January of a tingling sensation after urinating but figured it was a UTI since I'm prone to them. I've set up an appointment w OBGYN for next week but i feel I haven't been able to put my mind at rest since I've came back W the positive results. I guess I'm asking whether or not this might lead to PID, I haven't had any symptoms but I know it can lie dormant. I only just started having sex in May 2015. I feel I'm racking my brains and reading all this information about chlamydia even possibly coming back after your initial infection even when you don't have sex and causing infertility or problems with pregnancy. Does anyone have any experience with this? I'm really frightened and worried and I just need to know what kind of health problems I could possibly have before I go in for my appointment so I know what to expect.
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