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Chlamydia for over five years?

Is it possible Chlamydia could go undetected for five years? I've read that the longest time documented was four years on a isolated case, so if there was any possibility I had it, would I definitely know by now? Also in terms on sexual contact how easily could you get it, if you haven't had intercourse but in terms of .. foreplay?
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I am not quite understanding you. Have you tested for chlamydia through a urine test or vaginal swab? If so you can be confident you do not have chlamydia.

Generally as a female you would need to have been exposed to an ejaculation from an infected male in your vagina (or rubbed there possibly) for a practical chance of infection.
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Hard to tell what you are asking, have you had a chlamydia test, either a urine or vaginal swab and was it negative?

Unless you have had unprotected vaginal sex, your odds of chlamydia infection would be extremely low and probably zero.
I've sent one off and I'm currently waiting for the results, I just wondered if you thought it would be possible after over five years.
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I am not sure why you are referring to 5 years.

What has been your sexual history; what have been any symptoms?

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