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Chlamydia signs in men??

I just did a urine test the other day and am waiting for results. One side questiion I have is how accurate are these tests. And is there anything that can make them more immaculate sometime like drinking too much water? The pee I did that day for it was darker than usual.

But my main concern is this. I have two symptoms I think.
One is that I seem to leak after I urinat pretty often and sometime shaking my penis doesn't even get all the drips out. Sometimes  there will be a slight sting feeling when it is stuck in there too.

My other concern is that I have had anal pain when I poop on and off for over a year now. And have bleed before but not bad in a while. Is this a legit concern for chlamydia if I am straight and have never had anal sex or anything insterted up my rectum?

The anal pain is my main concern, because that would mean it had spread.

I am 20 btw. Can chlmydia make me lose my sperm and Infertalize?
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I also got tested for herpes and other stds the other day too and was negative for HPV and HIV on rapid test.

I tested negative for Chlamydia over a year ago, and have only had protected vagina sex once and awhile since then with unprotected oral performed on me.

Just an fyi
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Your symptoms are not of chlamydia.
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