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Chlamydia symptoms still present after negative results! Plz help!

Alright so a woman lied to me about being tested for STDs, I got Chlamydia from her.

Went to the doctor where I was tested for a number of STDs, Chlamydia, gon, aids, trich, etc...

Only one that came back positive was Chlamydia.

I have been on two treatments but I still have a clear, sometimes creamy discharge from the head of my penis.

I went back to the doctor and was retested and my results came back negative for Chlamydia.

I was referred to a urologist and had a number of retests done along with cultures from prostate fluid (lots of fun to get that fluid...) and all results have came back clean.

I am still having this clear, sometimes creamy discharge.

This discharge takes a while to build up, like 3 hours for a drop to come out but the inside of my penis feels kinda "raw"

It is more of a discomfort and annoyance than anything.

Can someone please help me with what is causing this?

What possible medicine do you recommend?

Please note, this discharge is not from me being turned on! After waking up in the morning, going to the bathroom, working 5 hours without being turned on once or having a boner once, this discharge appears.

Please, help if you can.

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It actually doesn't sound too unnatural. I doubt it has anything to do with chlamydia. Check in with your doctor.

Also take responsibility for yourself. No unprotected sex unless it is a mutually tested monogamous relationship!
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