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Chlamydia window period

Brief chronology:

Saw 2 sex workers on Monday night. Saw one of them again on Thursday at approximately 2pm. All encounters involved unprotected oral sex.

Sought a test for gonhorrea and Chlamydia on Saturday and gave a urine sample at 11:45. Approximately 46 hours after potential exposure. Took the 2 prescribed tablets for Chlamydia immediately after the sample was submitted. test result (received on the Wednesday after)was negative for both.
Had protected vaginal sex with a regular partner on Monday evening at midnight, but the condom broke and I immediately withdrew as soon as I knew to replace it.

Questions are:
Was the result of the urine sample conclusive and reliable?

Intercourse with my regular partner was about 60 hours after taking the 2 tablets. Is that sufficient time to clear the infection if I was indeed infected? Thanks.
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