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Could someone not show symptoms for 2 or 3 years?
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In theory, yes that is possible. Probably some more likely explanations though.

However what is your story and we can help further?
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No cheating by my partner or I and we've been together around 3 years.  I've been having all kinds of symptoms got checked it was negative got checked for blood in urine and negative.  I'm still having problems and my testicle, penis hurts.  My penis is dripping at night and during the day but doesn't look like puss at all.  Ugh.  Wonder if the test was a false negative?
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Extremely unlikely you have a false negative on chlamydia. I think you need a urologist to explore this further.
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I took the test for Chlamydia 4 days after contact but was having all the symptoms so went ahead and had the test done and was negative.  gonna have another test at the 2 week mark to just make sure.  I sure hope it comes back negative.
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