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Is is possible for Clamydia to be isolated to the mouth?  I've been treated for acid reflux for 6 weeks now and have an extremely sore mouth (not thrush) and throat and have lost my voice for the same amount fo time with no improvement.  

I have no stomach symtoms, yet the eent specialist insists that the sores and loss of voice are from acid reflux.  This is very painful and I have gotten no results from any of the treatment.  The sores I have match those in what I've read about, but I have no penile or anal discharges or discomfort in urinating.  I have had an inflamed prostate which I've treated with flomax, with 50% effectiveness of difficulty voiding.

I only had oral sex unprotected one time but I believe this all started very close to that time.  
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Chlamydia can live in the reproductive system, the throat, and the eyes. Yes, you can get it from oral sex.

Here is how Chlamydia is readmitted from one person to another:-

• Vaginal intercourse
• Oral sex
• Eye to eye/hand to eye contact (if hands are touched by infected genitals unwashed). This can cause trachoma - an eye disease that is the world's leasing cause of blindness.

If you have fears of having throat problems due to the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria, it is strongly advisable to go for a sexual health exam to diagnose or rule out Chlamydia.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease can cause throat problems, depending on how severe it is. It can also be connected with a viral infection that is messing around with your throat.

There are many causes of having a sore throat like yours. This can include:-

• Laryngitis
• Common cold
• Gastroesophageal reflux disease
• Esophegitis
• Laryngeal cancer
• Swollen lymph nodes
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Thank you for your informative response.  I can't seem to get my answer and am specialist-bound again. The only place I have any symptoms are laryngitis, not a very sore throat, just irritated, a very sore tongue and one tiny leision on the inside of my upper lip.  Everything I read about men having Clamydia states that there is a discharge from the penis although no outward symptoms until the acute stages.  
My question is, Can Chlamydiia be isolated to the eyes, the throat, the anus or the penis?  
I will be getting a STD screening immediately, but have no faith in the acid reflux diagnosis as I have no stomach symptoms.  As of yesterday I stopped taking Prilosec.  It makes no difference in 8 horriible weeks!  I only eat when I absolutely must and it it very painful.
Thanks again.
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