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Did she cheat or was it dormant?

3 years ago my GF and I tested positive for Chlamydia.  We took our Azithromycin and wait 10 days to have sex again.

3 months later she had a pap smear and was clean . I was never re-tested but never showed signs that I was still infected, so I assumed it was gone.

Fast forward to last week where she told me she tested positive for chlamydia.  I haven't had any sexual encounters with anyone other than her during this time. She says she hasn't either.

Is it possible that I was still infected, even after taking the azithromycin, and it was dormant then came back after 3 years and I infected her again?

You have to remember, it was 3 years between.

Is that possible?  Is it probable?

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There are stories like this, genuine stories. It is highly unlikely but enough doubt for what she says to be just true.

It is possibly your partner has carried chlamydia all along as it was not cured by the antibiotic. A standard pap does pick up chlamydia, only HPV.

You'd think it would be hard to believe that she'd know first hand the risks of chlamydia and have discreet unprotected sex?

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