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Do I still have Chlamydia?

So, in July 2015 I was experiencing a burning sensation whenever I urinated and also whenever I squeezed near the head of my penis. I had had unprotected sex with multiple partners the months before then, so I figured I had gotten something. I went to the doctor and got tested, it came back positive for Chlamydia and I got prescribed either 1 or 2 pills that the doctor told me to take that day and after this 1 treatment, in a week, it would be clear. I lost all my symptoms in about a week or so, then had unprotected sex with a virgin. It hurt not only for her, but for me, not too bad, but I felt that burning sensation again, but slightly higher than where it was before. Ever since then I have had this pain off and on. Sometimes it burns when I urinate and majority of the time if I squeeze a certain part of the head of my penis I can feel a slight sting it's like almost right at the tip. No other symptoms just that... So do I still have Chlamydia or what? I don't want to waste the money on a doctor, so I was hoping I could find my answer here, and figure out what to do. Please let me know! I have had protected sex mostly since then, and only once did I have unprotected sex, none of these partners told me that they got anything from me and the girl I had unprotected sex with knew that I "might" have chlamydia, so idk... What could it be?
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You will need to test here. A proof of cure test is recommended when symptoms persist.
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